Residential Pole Buildings

A pole building can be anything from a simple low-cost structure to a fancy high dollar item. Now adays we have features available such as a classic board & batten metal siding, Textured metal panels to eliminate the glare of the sun, any style garage door you can think of, and many more. Of course all these “bells & whistles” come with a price tag and some of us still just want a basic structure that serves its purpose well and still looks great.

Some of the more common upgrades on a pole building may be things like insulated interior finished with metal liner panels, two-toned siding (wainscote), Double Bubble insulation on the roof to eliminate possible condensation, attic roof trusses for additional storage space, snow guards to prevent a crushing snow slide, and a cupola for the “cherry on top”. Whatever your building needs may be you can be assured that it can be found in the package of a pole building.

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